Winter road trip

Winter road trip

Road trip and vanlife in winter! Traveling in a van is quite possible during the winter season. Everything is quieter, the spots are deserted. On the other hand, it can be cold, our vehicles are all equipped with stationary heating. But here are some advices and answers to the questions you might ask yourself to try the adventure of vanlife in winter. And why try the adventure for a ski weekend or for a real roadtrip in the south of Europe…



1) Choose your destination well!
This is the essential step! Two options are available to you :

– Towards the south and milder temperatures, in the south of France (Côte d’Azur, Corsica…) or Europe (Andalusia in Spain, Algarve in Portugal, Puglia in Italy), or even Morocco.


The Alambra, Seville (Spain).

– to the north or in the mountains with much colder temperatures. Dare a ski weekend in one of the many resorts in our beautiful mountains: the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Central Massif, or why not the Vosges or the Jura. You can even change resorts during your stay and find spots at the foot of the slopes.


2) Fight the cold !
No worries, our vans are all equipped with a stationary heater. It allows you to guarantee a comfortable temperature all night long. The stationary heater is connected to the vehicle’s tank with an average consumption of 2 liters / 24 h. The ideal is to leave some heating on during the day to prevent the water tanks from freezing and to keep the vehicle cool. If you have access to electricity (220 V) during your stay, you can opt for an electric heater (optional).

It is theoretically possible to sleep 4 in our converted vans, but in winter, only the most experienced with good comforters will be able to sleep in the mezzanine bed due to the lack of insulation (tent) and less efficient heating. That’s why we recommend winter road trips with a maximum of two or three people to guarantee the comfort of our clients.


3) How to wash yourself?
In winter, for a light wash, a washcloth or wipes will do. On the other hand, it is no longer possible to use the outside shower of the van. So to take a shower, we advise you in resort spas or swimming pools. In most ski resorts, you will find a service area or camping (caravanning) with probably showers and toilets. And if you are accompanying family or friends who are staying in rentals, why not ask them for hospitality.

4) What about toilets?
Our vans can be equipped with optional chemical toilets, discreet and odorless, these are housed in one of the closets of the van. They allow you to deal with emergencies and to avoid having to face the cold in the middle of the night.

Otherwise, there are of course public toilets. And also think about bars and restaurants during a meal or simply a coffee break.

5) Ventilate your van!
In spite of the cold, it is essential to air the van well to clean the air and get rid of the humidity.

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