In the middle of nature

In the middle of nature

The practice of wild camping in France is tolerated but limited. The law prohibits camping in :

woods, forests and parks classified as wooded areas to be preserved
a classified or registered site in the zones of protection of the heritage of nature and sites
less than 500 m from a classified or registered historical monument
on the shores of the sea
within a radius of 200 m around a water point tapped for consumption
around zones defined by the municipality by order for safety or health reasons

Good practices to respect :

  • Do not obstruct traffic or block the entrance to a private property (fields, road not suitable for vehicles, etc.)
  • On a parking lot: pay attention to the places reserved for certain vehicles and do not exceed the markings on the ground
  • Ask for the owner’s prior authorization on a private place
  • Do not have any environmental impact on the site, i.e. do not leave any waste on site, do not empty grey water, do not degrade the flora, do not disturb the fauna.
  • Do not make fire, it is an obligation in our region.
  • Arrive ideally at sunset and leave at sunrise
    Respect the neighborhood.
  • In case of control, always remain courteous, dialogue and operate if necessary
  • Avoid the systematic use of applications, you will certainly find very good plans, but be careful, they can encourage the gathering of vehicles and ultimately harm the practice of van.


Here is the list of our best spots to sleep in a van in the Var. These bivouacs validated by CapVanGo are most often in the middle of nature and accessible only to vans.

But in case of doubt about a place or for more serenity, do not hesitate to stop at our producers or in a campsite.