RaidBox Grenadier

RaidBox 2.0 for INEOS Grenadier

The RaidBox, developed in France, is the first removable layout dedicated to the Ineos Grenadier.
Its sturdy, lightweight aluminum structure incorporates a bed (195x145cm), while the retractable bed base enables the 5-seater Grenadier Station & Utility Wagons to be retained.
The RaidBox comes fully equipped as standard, with a 30-liter refrigerator, 30-liter fresh-water tank, 12-liter gray-water tank, 2-burner stove, sink and showerhead. USB sockets and a voltmeter for controlling the charge of the auxiliary battery complete the equipment.
A large storage drawer for kitchen accessories even accommodates the Grenadier’s safari windows. The RaidBox is perfectly integrated into the Grenadier: it is connected to the auxiliary battery, and attaches to the lashing rails (aero) in the trunk.

Several RaidBox models are available for sale.


Custom dimensions for the Grenadier: D 80 cm x W 104 cm x H 42 cm, weight: 90 kg
Robust structure: aluminum, stainless steel, carpet and bamboo.
Rear deck with black carpeting
Drawer with locker and heavy-duty slide (100 kg)
Mounted in the aerodynamic rails of the Grenadier body
Sturdy handles (4) for body handling
Fully equipped kitchen :

Drawer with heavy-duty slide (200Kg)
Combined two-burner gas stove with tempered glass lid and stainless steel sink.
Refrigerator drawer, 30-liter capacity, with 45W compressor
Water :

Pump with automatic pressotat 5.5l/min
Grey water tank 12 liters
30-liter clean water tank with filling hose
Outside shower with automatic connection

The retractable bed keeps the 5 seats in the Station & Utility Wagon.
Dimensions: 195 x 145 x 6 cm with mattress (28Kg/m3) Slide for heavy loads (250Kg).
Available options :

Window insulation kit
Roof tent

RaidBox insulation kit for INEOS Grenadier

Specifications & components included:

Composed of 9 layers to improve insulation of the interior of the passenger compartment, total blackout.
The set includes suction cups with a Ø50 high-suction nut, with a tab for easy removal and 100% cotton piping in two shades of gray.
Highly resistant material, specially designed for off-road use, with sufficient rigidity for greater efficiency.
9-piece Grenadier kit & 2-piece Safari window kit optional