Public parking

Public parking

Tips & regulations :

Camping and parking are two very different things.

In France, the highway code (regulation of the public road) does not make a difference between cars and vans. You can park on public parking lots and the law does not forbid you to sleep in your vehicle. However, you must respect the rules of the road and your parking must not be a nuisance.

But showing signs of camping (such as taking out chocks, furniture, unfolding an awning, or opening the roof of a van), puts you in camping mode. The act of camping falls under the town planner’s code, and this allows municipalities to prohibit motor homes.

The respect of the good practices below will guarantee you a serene night.

  • Do not stay more than 24 hours in the same place and avoid deploying the pop-up roof all day.
  • Do not show ostentatious signs of camping! Avoid putting tables and chairs out on public roads.
  • Avoid concentrations of converted vehicles, one or two vehicles may be tolerated, while a gathering of motor homes may not!
    Show that you are able to leave at any time.

The regulations are generally left to the discretion of the municipalities. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask the town hall or to consult the notice board.