RaidBox Toyota

RaidBox 2.0 for Toyota KDJ 120

The RaidBox, developed and manufactured in France, has been adapted for the Toyota Land Cruiser KDJ 120.
Its sturdy, lightweight aluminum structure incorporates a bed (195x125cm), while the retractable bed base retains all 5 seats.
The RaidBox comes fully equipped as standard, with a 30-liter refrigerator, 30-liter fresh-water tank, 12-liter gray-water tank, 2-burner stove, sink and showerhead. USB sockets and a voltmeter for checking battery charge complete the equipment.
A large storage drawer for kitchen accessories.

Structure :

Dimensions: D 80 cm x W 104 cm x H 42 cm, weight: 90 kg
Sturdy structure: aluminum, stainless steel, carpet and bamboo.
Rear deck with black carpeting
Drawer with locker and heavy-duty slide (100 kg)
Mounted on Grenadier aerodynamic body rails
Sturdy handles (4) for body handling
Fully equipped kitchen :

Drawer with heavy-duty slide (200Kg)
Combined two-burner gas stove with tempered glass lid and stainless steel sink.
Refrigerator drawer, 30-liter capacity, with 45W compressor
Water :

Pump with automatic pressotat 5.5l/min
Grey water tank 12 liters
30-liter clean water tank with filling hose
Outside shower with automatic connection

Retractable bed retains all 5 seating positions.
Dimensions: 195 x 125 x 6 cm with mattress (28Kg/m3) Load zipper