Sleeping in a van

Places to sleep in a van

The van is synonymous of freedom, its interest is to be able to sleep in the middle of nature according to your wanderings. But going on an adventure still requires some preparation. The first worries start when you have to find the ideal place to sleep.

Several options are available to you: public parking, in the middle of nowhere, at the producers’, in the campgrounds, in the service areas or at the inhabitant’s. Finding the right place to sleep is above all a matter of feeling and must meet the approval of all passengers.

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Alors pour vous permettre de vivre la vanlife en toute quiétude, voici quelques conseils.


At the inhabitant’s house, to make nice meetings in privileged places.

A simple solution, camping is ideal for families, or to alternate with bivouacs in the wilderness.

Interesting option in touristy and crowded places, where it is difficult to find an authorized spot for the night.